Beauty Acne Patch Set

Beauty Acne Patch Set

Beauty Acne Patch Set

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Waiting 3 to 5 business days for a pimple to disappear is so early 2000's. Get overnight access to clear skin with the newest acne patch, guaranteed to destroy any size pimple in minimum 6 hours. 

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What is it? An almost magical acne patch that completely diminishes white heads in record time.

Why is it special?

Hydrocolloid formula absorbs pus and oil and prevents secondary infection by blocking micro dust and germs. It also quickens recovery by absorbing exudation of wound. It minimizes scar of wound by fostering moist environment and protects wounded area.

Before & After

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  1. Wash and dry the stains thoroughly
  2. Choose a patch that is slightly larger than the place to cover it completely.
  3. Paste the patch on dry skin before applying any skin treatment
  4. Let it absorb pus and protect the area of ​​bacteria
  5. When it turns white, peel it gently. Replace it with a new one if needed. 


  • Low stimulus with wet bandage
  • Accelerates recovery by absorbing wound exudation
  • Full cover protector: Make acne perfectly invisible
  • Minimizes wound scar By promoting moist environment
  • Prevents secondary infection by blocking micro dust and germs
  • FDA certified for wound protection and ventilation.
  • Patches with 3 different sizes (7mm, 10mm, 12mm) can be adapted to your needs



  • Ingredients: Hydrocolloid
  • Sizes: 3 sizes ( 7mm 10mm 12mm )

Package includes:

1 x set of acne patches (24 pieces)

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