LED Radio Frequency Device

LED Radio Frequency Device

LED Radio Frequency Device

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Tired of constant trips to the spa every time your face needs a boost? Do it yourself, with this at home LED Radio Frequency Mask, you can plug it in pretty much anywhere!

Loyal Led Therapy Mask – DearBeauty

What is it? A wireless face mask that uses LED Light Therapy to give you clear, smooth, flawless skin in under 15 minutes.

 Why is it special?

  • Easy 15 minute treatment
  • Helps fight a variety of skin issues such as acne, oily skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dullness and more
  • Get a flawless complexion and clear, glowing skin

Before & After 

We Tried the Project E Beauty LED Face Mask for 30 Days (Results are In) | Led  face mask, Face mapping acne, Led face mask before and after


  1. Thoroughly clean face.
  2. Apply desired face cream or mask.
  3. Connect USB.
  4. Ensure there are no heavy items over chord. 
  5. Push power button to turn on.
  6. Put on LED mask, and choose color as needed. 
  7. Use for 10- 20 minutes daily. 
  8. Electric circuit inside the device should not be pressed or folded, and it should be placed flat to be properly protected after the use



  • Red Light: (620~750 nm). Increase skin elasticity and improve metabolism.
  • Blue Light: (470~495 nm). Inhibits oil secretion, prevents acne and diminishes scars.
  • Yellow Light: (590~620 nm). Repairs dull and delicate skin. 



  1. 3-in-1 LED mask, just use for 10-20 mins before sleep.
  2. LED photon therapy, comfortable warm light treatment.
  3. The mask is healthy for skin, the frame structure allows you wear it stably and comfortably.
  4. Better results if you used in company with facial cream or mask.
  5. Speed collagen renewal to decrease discoloration.
  6. Shrink pores, improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity.
  7. Dilute freckle, redness, remove acne, inhabits bacteria.
  8. Promote blood circulation, lock in moisture.
  9. Ideal beauty tool for at home, in the office, or travel etc.



(1) LED Mask

(1) USB chord

(1) Manual

(1) Box



Type:LED Mask

Color:White Material:

ABS Output:5V 1A

Battery capacity:150m

Charging Time:1 Hour



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